1 - Pleasant Arbor
540 519 445 416 PAR 5 Hcp. 17/17

A great starting hole, this par 5 can be reached in two shots by a long ball hitter. However, be wary; although it is called Pleasant Arbor, it is easy to find trouble. The tee shot should be positioned down the right side of the fairway. From that point, you have a good angle if you are attempting to reach the green in two. Be cautious to not come up short of the green. A low depression, lined with bunkers on the right, is just waiting to swallow up your golf ball.

A safe second shot would be long and on the left side of the fairway. This allows a smooth little wedge shot to this green for an easy par or possible birdie. Be careful of the tall lonely pine that could block your third shot if you are not long and left.

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